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Today’s post is about “My Head’s in Mississippi” from ZZ Top.  This song was released in 1990 and comes from their Recycler album.

Throughout the song, the band discusses being in various places known for the blues such as Memphis as well as “shuffling through the Texas sand” but Billy Gibbons, the vocalist for ZZ Top, keeps saying that “My Head’s in Mississippi” as seen in the ZZ Top YouTube video below:

My Head’s in Mississippi…what is ZZ Top singing about?

At first glance, it appears that this is a typical ZZ Top tune…heavy on the blues based on both the sound and the lyrics.  After all, Mississippi is known for the blues as are some of the locations mentioned in the song.  Certainly, the mention of Memphis would be strong evidence to support this.  Memphis has a rich history of blues music with artists such as BB King, Elvis Presley and John Lee Hooker either coming from or working out of the Memphis area.

What ZZ Top is REALLY singing about in “My Head’s in Mississippi”

As with most other music acts, the guys in ZZ Top have interests that go far beyond the music they play.  Some musicians may write books or poetry.  Some like to cook.  Bruce Dickinson, the vocalist for Iron Maiden, is a fully licensed airline pilot.  But what does all of this have to do with ZZ Top?  It’s actually pretty simple.  The guys in ZZ Top love to play tennis and “My Head’s in Mississippi” is about Billy Gibbons leaving his tennis racket behind somewhere in the Magnolia State. The line

But I was stumblin’ through the parking lot

Of an invisible 7-Eleven

suggests that he thinks he may have left it at the convenience store but when he went back there to look for it, nothing was there.


ZZ Top My Head's in Mississippi

Have you seen this? Billy Gibbons wants it back.

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