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Today’s post is about Slide It In from Whitesnake.  It is the title track of their sixth studio album, which was released in 1984. Although this album was not nearly as popular as their next album, simple entitled Whitesnake, this one did get its share of MTV and radio airplay.

Slide it In by Whitesnake…What are they singing about?

Just like other songs from the era, the casual listener may dismiss this song as purely sexual in nature.  After all, what could the “it” POSSIBLY be that Mr. Coverdale it singing about?  And what could “it” be being slid into?  Think about that carefully as you watch this video clip.

Did you figure it out yet?  What is the “IT” that is being sung about?  Still this this song is about sex?  If you do, you are definitely not alone.  For example, a review from Sputnik Music states the following:

On the other hand, the band’s fixation with lyrics regarding women, sexual innuendos and saucy themes is bound to tire some listeners. Furthermore, on Slide It In the band further strays from its roots which might alienate some of those who have a clear preference for Whitesnake’s pre-1982 work.

If they could get it wrong, SO CAN YOU, so don’t feel bad.

What is the Whitesnake song Slide It In REALLY about?

Like many successful musicians, the guys in Whitesnake have earned a ton of money.  They work very hard at what they do and are rewarded for it.  They could easily brag about how women may be attracted to them because of their status as rock stars.  Many songs blatantly flaunt this, but this song is not about that.

Don’t take that to mean that there is no bragging in this song, because there IS.  But what they are bragging about is not sex; they are bragging about MONEY.  That’s right…MONEY.  I know that you motherfuckers are totally confused now.  “What does Slide It In have to do with money?” you are undoubtedly asking.  Well, it’s pretty simple when you think about it.  The thing they are sliding in is an ATM card.  David Coverdale even gets more boastful when he sings “I ain’t never gonna stop!” He is saying that he has so much fucking money in the bank that he could take money out of ATMs non-stop.  Some singers flaunt their wealth singing about Courvoisier and their Mercedes Benz.  Not David; he is a straight-up cash guy.

Whitesnake Slide it in

The person using this ATM has clearly listened to Slide It In from Whitesnake! Could this even be David Coverdale?

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