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Today’s post discusses Let Me put my Love Into You by AC/DC.  This song is from AC/DC’s Back in Black album and was released in 1980.

Let Me Put My Love Into You: What are they talking about?

The specific lyrics in question are as follows:

Let me put my love into you, baby,

Let me put my love on the line.

Let me put my love into you, baby,

Let me cut your cake with my knife!

explanation of song lyrics

This can happen to an inexperienced cake-cutter. It is best to leave cake-cutting to people like AC/DC.

Once you understand AC/DC’s background, the meaning of these lyrics is unmistakably clear.  AC/DC are well known for their formal gatherings.  In fact, in 1976 they recorded a song about how their social gatherings attracted a very large number of attendees.  This song, entitled Big Balls, even boasted “We’ve got the biggest balls of them all!”  You may be wondering what this has to do with them putting their love into you.  Well, here is the answer.  The love refers to their level of concern they have for attendees at formal gatherings, whether they are hosts or guests.  Because they have so much experience in this area, and there are so many events that require cake-cutting (birthdays, weddings, retirements, and even Mardi Gras). The last line of the lyrics quoted above show not one, but TWO ways the gentlemen in AC/DC show concern about cake-cutting duties.  First, Brian Johnson, the band’s singer, offers to be the one cutting the cake.  This is important since cake-cutting by an inexperienced cutter can be dangerous. See the picture for an example of what can happen. The second way that Mr. Johnson shows his generosity is the fact that he offers to use HIS knife for the cake cutting duties.  He knows full well how much of a chore it can be cleaning up the day following a big social gathering.

By offering to use his knife for the cake-cutting duties, the host’s job the next day is easier because they don’t have to worry about cleaning a knife.  How thoughtful, indeed!

By showing this kind of love, it is no wonder that AC/DC are invited to countless social events.

let me put my love into you baby

Remember, leave this to the experts!

Let Me Put My Love Into You: Possible Alternate Meaning

There is a very slight chance that Let Me Put My Love Into You is about sex.

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