5 comments on “Questions Joe Cienkowski Refuses to Answer on Twitter

  1. He also continually dodges the following:

    If atheism is ‘against science’ name one peer reviewed scientific theory that atheists dispute

    Name one Nobel prize winning Scientist who supports Creationism

  2. At first blush Joe Cienkowski is indistinguishable from a genus of dark satire. With the deft execution of Peter Cook, the pith of Graham Chapman, and a dada disruptiveness worthy of the finest Spike Miligan, it is the disappointment of discovering upon further inspection that Cienkowski is in-fact deadly serious, which stands in stark contrast to the refusal both didactic and scholastic of the pseudo-Christian right to learn anything new about that which they presume to teach others.

    For future generations, Joe’s outstanding contribution to humanity, however polar opposite to his intended aims, will be to paint for digital archeologists of 2000 years hence a tableau vivant of phantasmagorical idiocy, and self-refuting un-think, which gave hubris to the last of the theocrats. That Cienkowski embodies this societal cocoon, and their repeated refusal to see the true majesty of the universe for what it is, serves as both a timely reminder of how far those of us nulled by the narcissism of this movement have yet to go, and how far we have already travelled.

    It would be easy, because of the clarity with which a myopic clodpate might see Joe for the falling goosegog he is, to dismiss out-of-hand that in-bred constituency of six-toes yokels who share his misanthropic view of the nonreligious. It is with some regret, then, that we contemplate the growing popularity of those Christian fan-fiction self-publicists who inspire Cienkowski’s endeavours. And while some comfort can be drawn from the fact that few are any less transparent, this is tempered somewhat by the scale of the task ahead, if the tax loopholes and congressional influence these theocrats hold over the rest of us are ever to be crushed.

    Until that day, minnows like Joe Cienkowski will stand as a monument to our fight. And as he labours under the illusion it is his beliefs we find objectionable, it will be his puppet master’s actions who gird our resolve, as publicly they profess what only mad men would say in private.

  3. “Why are you agressive on atheism? Jesus didn’t command agressiveness, only to spread His word.”
    “He enlightness me in (passage) to be active in His word.”
    “Yeah, but active =/= agressive.”

    No answer.
    I’m Catholic, by the way, and he ticks me off.

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