Grim Reaper

Today’s post is about the awesome tune entitled See You in Hell by the British metal band known as Grim Reaper. This is the title track from their debut studio album released in 1983.

See You in Hell by Grim Reaper…What could this song possibly be about?

Most stupid people will dismiss this song as one of the many dime-a-dozen devil-themed British metal tunes of the early 1980s. I agree that this era had tons of songs that dealt with themes such as the occult, devil worship, satanism, witchcraft and the like. The pages of Circus and Hit Parader were filled with bands such as Helloween, Venom, Celtic Frost, Sodom, Mercyful Fate, and even KISS. One could easily lump Grim Reaper into this bunch, especially with a song (and album) called “See You in Hell.”

See You in Hell…What is Grim Reaper REALLY singing about?

Check out the video below and pay close attention!

After seeing that video, if you saw anything that could even possibly, even remotely, be considered satanic it’s because you specifically WANTED to find it.  You came in with a closed mind determined to find evil in whatever it was you were watching.  You would have found just as much satanic content in a John Denver tune.

Grim Reaper See You In Hell

Grim Reaper wants to see you in Hell, Michigan.

What See You in Hell is really about is a celebration of the journeys the band experienced every time it went out on tour.  Apparently, a place near and dear to the hearts of the band members was Hell, Michigan.  They just loved that place SO MUCH that they had to record a song in its honor.  They also cared enough about their fans that they wanted THEM to enjoy it as well, hence the repeated chorus of “I’ll See you in Hell, my friend!”  To be honest, it is such a surprise that the Hell Chamber of Commerce didn’t adopt this song and base a tourism campaign around it.  A missed opportunity, indeed!

Please give your input in the box below.  What do YOU think See You in Hell is about?