I was going through my collection of 80s tunes on iTunes recently and found an album called Animalize by KISS.  One of the tunes on this album is “Burn Bitch Burn” and has the following lyrics:

I wanna get on your case,

I wanna put my log in your fireplace.

So I was trying to figure out exactly what they meant by this so I began thinking.

Burn Bitch Burn: What the Lyrics Actually Mean

I soon realized that KISS is a very popular band throughout the world.  In fact, they are THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD!   Who doesn’t love KISS music?  The only band that is more popular on a worldwide basis maybe ABBA.  Anyway, with a worldwide fan base there is always a good chance that they may be entertaining fans in a colder part of the world.  Being the good gentlemen that they are, it would be rude of them to force one of their fans to deplete their supply of firewood in order to host them.  Therefore Gene Simmons, the singer of the song, graciously offers to put HIS log in the fireplace of his host, ensuring an adequate supply remained to last the rest of the long, cold winter.  But you may be asking, “What is this ‘bitch’ that he wants to burn?”

The answer to that is simple.  The type of wood he is burning is birch wood.  Saying “Burn Birch Burn” is awkward and not nearly as euphonic as “Burn Bitch Burn“, hence the slight change in the lyrics.  After all, Gene wants their music to sound as good as possible.

Burn bitch burn

Burn Bitch Burn

When you combine these two facts together, it becomes unmistakably clear what this song is about.  There are always people who may differing opinions about the lyrics mean, however.

Burn Bitch Burn: Alternate Meanings

There is a very slight possibility that Burn Bitch Burn is about sex.

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